License Ads

The Savvy Concept

A TV ad you’ll love for a fraction of what it would cost to create.

Ever spend your TV ad budget on a commercial that didn’t turn out the way you hoped?

Would you like to know you’ll be happy with your ad before you pay for it?

We’re talking about a top quality, visually dynamic, emotionally moving and proven effective television commercial. And what if you can have that spot for a fraction of what it should cost?

Welcome to Spot Savvy, an advertising agency for the 21st century.

We offer original emotionally moving ads with high production value, that we’ll customize for your business. At Spot Savvy, you’re guaranteed to be happy, because you’ll see your ad before you spend a penny. And you don’t pay the high costs of production, you pay only to license your ad for exclusive use in your market. You can maximize the value and exposure of your ad by licensing it for internet use as well.

How To See Your Personalized Ad For Free

As a special introductory offer, Spot Savvy will give you the chance to experience our cutting-edge creative, with no financial commitment required. That’s right, we’ll show you a personalized television ad created exclusively for your business, for free. Simply register and check the box requesting a consultation with a Spot Savvy creative director.

Here’s how it works:

Step One: Defining your goals.

Schedule your free consultation with a member of Spot Savvy’s creative team by calling us directly or clicking on contact us, filling out the online form and listing the best time for us to reach you.

Again, the consultation is free and together, we’ll define your goals and formulate an approach to reach and exceed them.

Step Two: Choosing your ad.

We encourage you to visit our samples pages to see some of our ads.

If you see something you like, terrific, but we have many more that aren’t on the site and we’re happy to recommend the best spots based on the approach we’ve defined together during our consultation.

Step Three: Customizing your ad.

This is the fun part. We’ll edit, add music, voice over and graphics and post your ad in your private folder on our website for your review. If you’re happy, move on to step four. If not, additional revisions are available, or you can walk away. You have no further obligation and you’ve spent nothing.

Step Four: Determining your DMA.

DMA stands for Designated Market Area, which is basically the geographic region you’d like to reach when broadcasting your ad. It’s also the area you will own exclusive rights to for this particular ad.

Once we determine where your ad will run, you’ll choose your pricing options. We offer a number of licensing plans for both broadcast and web usage that you can consider. Whatever plan you choose, your savings will make you feel very savvy indeed.

Need help with media planning? We offer that service too. And our media placement department will save you even more.

Step Five: Delivering your ad.

Once you’ve approved your ad we’ll deliver it to the media outlets you’ve requested.
Wow, you’ve landed a great ad, at a great price!
Questions? Contact us  to make this the start of a beautiful relationship.